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Deadly Jaws

About the game: Deadly Jaws

Your job as a shark is to eat all the fish that are smaller than you until you get much larger shark, then you will be able to eat the enemy sharks, form which in the beginning of the game you must be careful, be careful not to lose too much energy, because in that case you die and it’s game over for you, look out and always avoid jellyfish, make the best score, and survive in a sea full of predators that are around you and waiting for the right moment to attack you, prove that you’re the real bloodthirsty shark with sharp teeth and eat all on your way which is a smaller size than you! You can play survival mode or challenges mode. Be careful, enemy shark you can hurt them only when you are king of seal. If the energy bar is empty you day s pay attention on that. Have fun! Instructions: Use arrow keys to swim Spacebar-Jump B-Bite.

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