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Feed Us 4

About the game: Feed Us 4

Welcome to Feed Us 4 game! Welcome to the fourth part of this excellent and bloodthirsty game. The game is recommended only for those with a strong stomach and for those who like this kind of games. In the beginning of the game you’re bloodthirsty piranha trying to escape from the plane. After you successfully destroy plane you are returned to you natural habitat, the water, and your bloody adventure begins! Your task is similar to the previous parts of this bloodthirsty game, in some levels you will have a task to eat a certain number of people, you will have some task to make a certain amount of their blood in order to move to the next level. You can upgrade your pirana, you can upgrade:Seed, Tail, Jaws, Scales, Spine and Fins, and so your piranha will be able to quickly knock people off their boats, will be faster and more powerful bite and a lot faster to move. Graphics, animations and creepy sound effects of this fantastic game will blow your mind. The game is intended for children over the age of 18. We wish you great fun and even better adventure in this fantastic and bloodthirsty game! Instructions: Use mouse to play.

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