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Super Viking Shark Panch

About the game: Super Viking Shark Panch

You can not be cool as a viking who surfs the sky and kills flying sharks! You are a viking and your mission is to beat up all the sharks that you can find in sight, show how fearless you are and stop and beat the bloodthirsty sharks, that is your task! You play the role of the Viking the fiercest of all Midgard. Riding atop the floating corpse you are able to travel to three different locations on the battlefield. Sharks fly in from the right of the screen at four different locations, in order to attack this scourge you must use a combination of left and right punch. Remember, if shark is positioned directly below you swing at it with a right punch and if shark is positioned directly above you swing at it with a left punch. Your energy declines more rapidly and punching sharks does not reward you with more while on fire. We wish you good luck and a great adventure! Instructions: A-Left Punch D-Right Punch Arrow keys- Up and Down Space-Fair.

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