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Dora Fishing

About the game: Dora Fishing

Go in this adventure and help Dora to catch a fish! You like fishing games? If you like fishing games then you are definitely in the right place, because this is one of the very popular fishing game! In this fishing game your task is simple, you have to grab the right type of fish in order to move to the next level, every time you grab the right type of fish you get points and if you catch a fish that is not displayed on the screen, then you lose points, because that try to catch the fish that are shown on your screen, hunt fish by using a Spacebar on your keyboard. You are limited with time so be sure to catch the fish as fast as possible to get bonus points. This fishing game is a very fun, exciting, simple and absolutely free game, designed for all the lovers of fishing games it’s not very difficult, everyone will love. Help Dora to catch proper fish, check how skilled you are in fishing, check your reflexes as you will be needed in this game you need good reflexes and check how talented you are in fishing. While catching a suitable fish at the bottom of the lake you can see a clock, if you catch him you get bonus time and the opportunity to win even more points. This fishing game you can play with your friends, you can compete with each other and check out who is the best fisherman and who has the best reflexes. Win a best score! Go on this incredible adventure with Dora and check your skills in this fantastic fishing game! Cast your bait and take action ! Instructions: Use Spacebar to catch a fish.

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