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Fish Quest

About the game: Fish Quest

Fish Quest Game
Fish Quest Game

Meet Sunny, a small fish in a ocean. Try to survive in dangerous waters. Test your speed and your reflexes in this challenging Fish Quest game! Catch as many different species of the fish that are swim underneath your boat, before the time runs out. Your quest in this fishing game is simple, make it a higher score by catching a greater number of fish. To catch fish, you need to hook the bait as close to fish mouth as possible, otherwise the fish will escape. Control your boat well and try to be as fast as you can because these fishes swimming really fast! Play with your buddies, compete with each other on who can catch as many fish before the time on your left side of the screen expires. Good luck fisherman! Instructions: Use Right and Left arrow key to move the boat. Use Up And Down arrow key to wheel in and out the Fishing Rod.

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