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Dynamite Fisher 2

About the game: Dynamite Fisher 2

Welcome to Dynamite fisher 2! If you like to catch fish with dynamite then you are at the right place because this is the right game for you! Take in this crazy catch fish with style! Your task is simple, throw the dynamite in order to destroy as many fish as you can and win as many points. Collect power-ups that are dropped by the seagull to upgrade your boat. Only one power-up can be active at a time: Speed Boat increases your boat speed, Molotov Coctail give you greater explosion radius, Exploding Toilet give you greatest explosion radius and Robotic Shark eats live fish adding them to your collection. You can destroy variety fish: Small fish, Medium fish, Smoking fish, Three eyed fish, electrical and Piranha. Graphics, animation and sound effects explosion will blow your mind. The game is suitable for all ages, especially for lovers of fishing games. We wish you great fun and a good catch! Instructions: Use arrow keys to move. Click and release to throw dynamite.

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