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Hungry Piranha
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About Feed Us Games

Feed Us games are games about bloodthirsty Piranha who devour anything and everything in her way and that would be your main task in each of this games. The games are for player with good stomach and for players who love bloody games because this games are brutal and have fantastic details and great effect.

Each of these feed us games have their own story line and each of them is interesting, silly and bloody. You control Piranha using your mouse, you devour,eat and bite also using your mouse. In every level you will have your mission like to eat a certain number of people or to roll over the boat with people and eat them alive or to during certain amount of human blood.

Like we said this games are bloody but very well done and you will have guaranteed fun while playing these Feed Us games that are completely free and safe to play, without registration or installation you can play games 24/7 from home, work or school. If you are bored and looking for some interesting and bloody game then Feed Us are good choice for you.

Try each and every of these games, devour people and other animals in the sea with your sharp teeth. Like in all games in every next level your task will be harder and harder to complete and that is when game start to be even more fun because you will have a real challenge so you will have to swim fast, to devour and eat human flesh and drink their blood much more faster. These games you can play with your friends and have much more fun, compete with each other on who can devour more people, roll over more boats, drink more blood and much much more!

Here you can play all parts of piranha games that are one of most popular fishing games on the net and there is good reason for that. In these games you are bloodthirsty Piranha, the ruler of the sea, the silent killer, and your only task is to kill and eat everything on your way both at the water and on the surface. Have fun and enjoy playing these games.