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Fish Topia Taycoon 2

About the game: Fish Topia Taycoon 2

Are you ready for adventure? If you are then you are in the right place, this fantastic online fishing game is one of the most popular and most entertaining online fishing game! Your task in this online game is to make your stand where you can sell the fish you catch, the fish you can catch at various places throughout the island and how time develop you can expand your businesses. In FishTopia Island you can catch fish on 7 places: Lake, River, Port, Ocean, Cave and Island, on each place you have different fish species. With the money you earn catching fish you can buy better fishing equipment and various types of bait for various types of fish also you can buy a variety of things that will be useful later in the game. This adventure is not to be missed so please come in and enjoy this great FishTopia Tycoon 2 game!

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