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Icy Fishes

About the game: Icy Fishes

Welcome to Icy Fishes! In front of you is 18 levels, the first 9 are easy and others are 9 is hard, after successfully complete all the levels you can unlock super hero mod. You are a dangerous octopus and your task is to destroy and scattering all before you, collect money, diamonds and points that you can later improve yourself. Through the game you’ll earn awards you can earn 57 of them and points with which you will be able to upgrade and unlock many things in shop like: extra wave, bomb radius, tentacle, tesla, laser, extra mine, floe radius, extra money, spark, wave, extra speed, sheels, acio and spikes. Collect fishes by moving octopus near it. They can be used to buy upgrades. Destroy chest for diamonds and money, use bomb and mines to get more powerful chain reaction, click anywhere near the flows to trigger an explosion. Great addictive game that will appeal to everyone, is intended for all ages. Instructions: Use mouse to play.

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