Let’s Hunt Walkthrough

In front of you is one of the most popular, most played and most realistic online hunting game in the net that you play with and against players from all around the world, everything that you ever want to have in one hunting game you have in this Lets Hunt Game. Competition, Leader board, Hunting places all around the world, All kind of animals for hunt, Slow motion bullet effect, Shop to buy all kind of hunting equipment and guns for hunt and much much more!!!

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Lets Hunt Game Online


Let’s Hunt is game is based on hunting in wild natural places from all over the world. Every hunter know how much is important to have good place for hunting. You can hunt in USA all kind of animals like: Bear, Mountain Lion, Wolf, Buffalo, Rabbit, Coyote, Quayle, Dove, Deer, Elk and more. In Europe you can hunt Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Chamois, Russian Boar, Mouflon and more. North Africa will give you plenty animals that you can hunt like Aardwolf, African Buffalo, African Civet, African Elephant, Antbear, Bat-eared Fox, Black Rhinoceros, Black Wildebeest, Black-backed Jackal Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Bontebok Brown Hyaena, Burchells Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, Nile Crocodile, Impala, Lion, Leopard and much more.

(World map of places for hunt)



You can latter in game unlock some new exotic places for hunting where you can hunt some rare animals. Good gear for hunting is very important for hunt, here you can buy various of hunting equipment and parts that you can buy in order to your rifle be stronger and more powerful. You can improve Damage, Range, Accuracy and Clip Capacity to your every weapon that you use for hunt. Every gun, ammo or part for your gun cost money that you can earn buy hunting animals and then sell them. You can earn money also by completing all sort of different tasks. Good rifle is very important for every hunter. Find which weapons suits you best.

(Just some of many weapons that you can use for hunt)



Leaderboard is place where you can see where are ranked all best hunters in Let’s Hunt game, there you can check the leaderboard for Rookies, Hunters, Marksmen, Trackers and the best of all, Rangers. You can track the hunters ranks and see what weapon they use, what animals they hunt, where they hunt and much much more. Find out who is best hunter, find out where are you ranked and where is your position on the leaderboard, make your best score, make your name in there.




In Let’s Hunt Game you have effect of slow motion bullet that every hunter games players adore, it’s a effect that will blow your mind, you can see bullet going out from your rifle and going in the direction where are you aimed and in that way you can enjoy your hunt and see how good and in awesome way bullet goes from the rifle and hitting the animal you aimed. In order to hunt you need to know which animal you want to hunt and by knowing that you need to know where and in which place or country you can find that animal, after you do that the action begun and the game of waiting starts. When you find your target, you need to aim at it first, take good look before you fire and when you are sure that your bullet will be deadly, you take the shoot.

(slow-motion bullet effect) (aiming)

aiming-animal slow-bullet


Test your hunter skills in this hunting game that will give you realistic sense of hunting in beautiful and also dangerous places! Try and explore every of these places. Some places you will unlock during the game. Choose the rifle for hunt that you like the most and start this top hunting game that you play with hunters from all around the world, you can even play it with your friend so you can start this adventure together to the path to the ranking leaderboard!

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