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Let’s Hunt

About the game: Let’s Hunt

Before you begin this amazing, exciting and enthralling Hunting game you need to register, registration does not take long time, you can register by choosing your username, password, and email or you can do registration automatically through your facebook profile, choice is yours (Don’t forget that after registration activate your profile by clicking on link that will arrive at your email address that you provided during registration). Fans of hunting games, this is a one of the most popular and best hunting game that will provide you with a most realistic hunting experience through extraordinary effects, the beauty of nature, sounds of various animals around you and more. This Let’s Hunt game is just what you’ve always wanted to play when it comes to Hunting games.

About Let’s Hunt

When you start playing at top of your screen you will see a couple of things like coins, in order to get coins you can play in the Stampede or Free Hunt Mode, or just complete tasks. Next is Banknotes, you can use them to buy the best gear for hunting. The star with number 1 on her is the Experience, after reaching the next experience level your energy will refill. You get experience by completing various missions, tasks, through competition and the game itself. The last is your energy bar, when energy bar is full that means you are ready to go hunting. Let’s Hunt is a online game, which means you can play and compete with and against hunters from all over the world, which will make this experience even more fun and challenging. To take part in the Championships you just have to kill the given animals in any hunting mode, your results will be ranked automatically in the Championships table. At the beginning you will be able to hunt animals all over Europe, later in the game you will unlocked Usa, North Africa and Russia. In order to unlock new areas for hunting you need to do quests. In the quests you will receive tasks such as to kill a certain animal, or a number of animals or a particular type of animal, with a particular hunting rifle and thing like that, as much quests you do, you advance faster in the game.

Quests in Let’s Hunt Game

After choosing Quest hunt can start, you will found yourself in the middle of the nature with hunting rifle that later in the game you can upgrade and improve, buy her different parts, change various parts or buy new, stronger and deadlier hunting rifle that will allow you to more easily kill some wild animals such as bears, wolves, tigers, lions and many others. Around you will be nature, the beautiful sounds of animals, and your mission will be to kill a particular animal, you have to be quiet and when you see an animal you have to kill, aim at her head because hit in the head will bring every animal to the ground, make sure you do not miss and try not to afraid animals because they will run away. When you successfully complete the task you will receive the award after which you can improve your hunting gear, buy a variety of things and items that will help you hunting different species of animals such as: deer, bear, fox, rabbit, tiger, lion, deer, wolves, deer, jaguar, Panther and many many other wild and domestic animals that you can hunt all around the world in this awesome Let’s Hunt game. This Let’s Hunt game will give you a very special, beautiful and exciting effect and that is the effect of slow motion bullet, which means that when you shoot the animal you will be able to see the bullet coming out from your hunting rifle in slow motion with beautiful effect, going toward the animal in which you aimed and shot and with that effect this hunting game will give you unbelievable feeling of excitement and satisfaction.

If you love hunting games, hunting equipment, beautiful and exotic hunting places, such as various types of forests, rainforests, deserts, and many other places, then you are on right place as this online Let’s Hunt game will provide you with every kind of hunting pleasure while playing this game that you’ve always dreamed of having in one hunting game. Play with hunters from all around the world compete with each other, compete in tournaments, championships, set your personal record, break someone else’s record, build your hunting career, buy various types of hunting rifles and hunting gear, catch some of rare animals worldwide and enjoy playing this incredibly exciting and one of the most popular hunting games on the net! Good luck!


Use your mouse to navigate through menu, to aim, fire and play. Esc-Pause. In “Settings” you can choose resolution that you want, full screen, graphic and audio details.

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