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About the game: Swoopa

In first level you need to catch 100 fish, each level is more difficult and demanding than previous. Eat as many fish as you can in a faster period of time to complete the required number of fish in order to move to the next level. The game is very addictive and interesting with interesting music and good graphics. Collect all the fish before time runs out, so be fast. Collect green powerups and avoid the red mines! Some of the green power ups give you 2x fish and some give you speed. In each level you get a new and better power ups like bombs and other stuff. The game is designed for all ages and lovers of fishing. Enjoy great animation and sound effects of this great game. The game is mostly for kids because it is easy but requires speed and good reflexes. Set the highest score and a great time playing! Instructions: Use mouse to play Collect green power ups Avoid red mines.

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