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Masked Shooter

About the game: Masked Shooter

Masked Shooter Game
Masked Shooter Game Sniper Rifle

Before starting masked shooter game you need to Login, Register or play in Guest Mode. Guest mode is the fastest way to start this game and if you register you will be able to save your data online, to unlock all kind of achievements and to submit your score online with the rest of the players. Masked Shooter is online game which means that you are playing with and against the players from all around the world. Masked Shooter is similar to Counter Strike game where your task is to eliminate the opposite team Counter or Terrorists, before the time runs out. Before going into the action you can set the amount of soldiers you want to have in a map, you can choose Bunker, City, Factory or Industrial map to play. You can set all weapons, Random, RPG, Sniper, Machine Gun, Pistol, Chaos Rand Chaos RPG, Chaos Sniper, Easy Rand, Easy Sniper, Easy RPG or Impossible. You can also choose two game modes in this unblocked shooting game, FFA and Team Mode. After adjusting the settings you can go into the action! What is special about this first-person shooting game is that you can create your own map using your own rules. In the end of each match you will be able to see your score, how much enemy players you killed and how many times you died.

Masked Shooters Creating Map
Menu where you can create your own map by choosing your rules or joining others people map

How to Play Masked Shooter

Your main task is to kill as much of other players using your weapons. Avoid getting too close to the enemy, play as a pro and try to kill them from greater distance. Always use covers in order to surprise your enemies and to dodge their bullets. Just one hit and you will die so be careful and be fast. Masked Shooter is a challenging and very exciting online shooting game where you can test your shooting skills and make the best score! Try killing 10 enemies without getting killed but in order to get that achievement you need to register. If you are looking for a fast fun then play as a Guest. Rpg weapon can make a instant kill so just aim well at your enemy and blow him into the pieces. You can change your weapon using 1,2,3,4,5 keys. Your health will be displayed in the top left corner of your screen. Try to make as much kills as possible by killing other players.
In FFA mode each player is for himself on the map and in Team mode you can choose your team and your mission will be to kill every player from opposite team using all kind of weapons. Similar to counter Strike you will be limited with time so you need to find enemy players. When playing in team Mode choose to play with team A or team B. Pay attention on the time and use fantastic weapons, some of them can become your personal best like RPG for example that can make an instant kill if hits it’s target. You can also choose to play in full-screen if you choose so. This shooting game will provide you with a lot of fun because it’s really addicted game and once you start playing you will not be able to stop! In the options menu you can also set the quality of the graphic for this game to Low, Normal or high for much better visuality. You can also set the mouse sensitivity that suits you the best and you can lower the sound. If you want to play the map where players can use just RPG weapon, not a problem just choose that weapon when creating the map and rule will be that players can use just RPG weapon, the same goes for the rest of the weapons. Max amount of players with you can play a certain map is 8. In order to move use W,A,S,D keys, to shoot use left mouse button, to zoom use right mouse button, to reload your weapon use R key and to jump use Space-bar, use C to crouch, P to Pause the game.

Masked Shooters Killing The Enemy Player
City map and killing of enemy player using Heckler weapon

Conclusion for Masked Shooters Game

Masked Shooter is excellent choice of a online shooting game in which you can have a lot of fun playing with and against the players from all over the world. Your main task is to shoot, kill and avoid getting killed by enemy players. If you like Counter Strike than you will also like this shooting game. Test your shooting skills, prove how good shooter you are. Kill the most enemies on the map and make your best score! Play with your friends and compete with each other on who can make more kills. Remember always aim at the head that is the instant kill! If you come tired from work or school and you are searching for some good quality shooting game that you can play online then this game is perfect choice for you. there is a lot of map to choose, a lot of mods, weapons and many other awesome things! When it comes to graphic and sound effect you will be delighted because this online mini shooting game have excellent graphic that will for sure make your game-play much better.
Keep in mind that Masked Shooters is a first-person shooter game in which you can create your own map with your own rules or you can just join the map that other players created, the choice is yours. If you want to play this shooting game more serious then we suggest you to register, create your profile, type your name and start killing other players using various weapons, choose the one that suits you the best and always aim at the head no matter what in that way you can kill the enemy player instantly. On our site you can find only the best shooting games. Have fun playing this awesome online shooting game that you can also play from work or school because this is unblocked online game.

Masked Shooters Joining The Team
Choosing to join the team A or team B before starting the match


  • Use W,A,S,D to Move.
  • C-Crouch.
  • Use mouse to aim and fire.
  • R-Reload.
  • Shift-Run.
  • spacebar-Jump.
  • 123-Change Weapons.