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Stealth Prowler

About the game: Stealth Prowler

Stealth Prowler Tank Game
Stealth Prowler Tank Game

In wars stealth vehicles was very important because in that way you was able to surprise your enemy, to destroy certain objectives and to collect information’s about your enemies plans. Stealth Prowler is a shooting game in which you are also driving your military vehicle in search for an enemy tanks and other military vehicles in order to destroy them and complete your mission. What is the best about this unblocked shooting game is that you can drive and shoot at the same time, this 3D shooting game will provide you with awesome shooting effects and with a lot missions that you need to complete. Like the name of the game says, you will need to do your missions in a stealth way meaning that you need to surprise your enemies by hiding into the bushes or behind the trees waiting for the perfect chance to destroy them. Your main vehicle in this game is stealth prowler that is really difficult to see but still you need to be careful because if enemy spot you they can destroy you in a second. If you are searching for war shooting game that include destroying tanks then this is the game for you! Experience the stealth war deep in the forest by night and destroy enemy tanks before they reach their destination. Your task will be dangerous because you will be surrounded by enemy tanks so you need to keep yourself in stealth position and surprise enemies with a deadly bullets from you Stealth Prowler.

Stealth prowler general explains your mission
General explains what is your mission and what you need to do in order to complete the level

How To Play Stealth Prowler Game

By driving Stealth Prowler you need to be aware of some important things like: It only works at night which means daylight will reveal you, stealth works faster at slow speeds, colliding with trees will reduce your stealth, shooting from weapons will reduce stealth, braking heavily will reduce stealth and most important, do not get to close to enemies. You can also win all kind of different achievements, in this game they are called Badges and you can win 15 of them, you can win, Trainee Badge, First kill badge, Sneaky badge, Killer badge, Assassin badge and so on. You can read more about those badges in the menu and what you need to do in order to get them.

You can choose to save your game online or with local save, the choice is yours. You don’t need to register. Your first mission will be in a dark forest and you will need to test your Stealth drive by learning the basic rules of how to control your vehicle, how to destroy enemy tanks and other enemy vehicles. Also you will want to avoid hitting trees with your vehicle because in that way you are damaging your vehicle and reducing your stealth. When you start the mission you will notice tanks and boxes on the top left on your screen with certain numbers there, that means how many tanks you need to destroy and boxes of supply to collect, in the middle you will see your stealth in percentages, 100% meaning that you are completely invisible to your enemies, the lower it gets, bigger chance for enemy vehicles to spot you so pay attention on that and on the things that are reducing your stealth.

On the top right of your screen you will see your score, bigger the score, better for you. On the bottom of your screen you will see radar, radar is very important to you in this shooting game because with it you can locate your enemies, where they are and in which direction they are moving because with that information’s you can sneak up to them from behind and destroy them before they even realize whats happened. In order to win the game you need to complete 10 challenging missions, each mission is different and each is excited and harder than previous one so you will need to give your best in order to beat this shooting game. Reach yours objectives, complete missions, drive carefully, try to stay in stealth position, destroy enemy tanks before they destroy you, that is the main goal of this online shooting game.

Stealth prowler locating enemy tank in the forest
Locating enemy tank deep in the forest from the stealth position before shooting

Conclusion for Stealth Prowler Game

Stealth Prowler is a war shooting game that is also a 3D game which includes shooting and destroying tanks and other military vehicles but in a stealth way which make this game more challenging and even more interesting to the players because then player needs to use brain and tactic in order to complete the mission. This is one of those games that will make you play more and more until you beat the game because missions are really interesting and different from each other which means that you will not do same things over and over again, that can be boring in some game but not in this one. Test your stealth skills, use tactics, use radar to approach and find your enemies. If you are a gamer that like stealth shooting games then this is the right game for you. You can choose the way you will approach the enemies, you can chose a way to destroy them which makes this game much better. Stealth Prowler you can play from both work or school because this is unblocked game that doesn’t require registration or installation. Prove how good you are in destroying enemy tanks using stealth vehicle while being deep in enemy territory. Good luck and have fun destroying tanks! And as always, make the best score!

Stealth prowler destroying enemy tank
Destroying enemy tank in the forest by night


  • Use W,A,S,D or Arrow keys to drive.
  • Q,Z or 7(num) is for Primary Fire.
  • E,X or 9(num) is for Secondary Fire.