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Tank Trouble

About the game: Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble AZ Game
Tank Trouble AZ Game

Tank Trouble is a shooting game that you can play in singleplayer mode, with your friend, against your friend, or with three of your friends competing with each other or against the computer. The aim of the game is to eliminate the enemy tank by shooting at them. You will find yourself with your opponent in the maze which makes this game more challenging especially because when you fire from your tank, the bullet will hit the sides of the maze walls until it reach it’s target or just disappear after some time bouncing of the walls.

Tank Trouble is very addicting shooting game because it have simplicity meaning that the graphic is clear and the rules are the same for both players. Destroy the other player or computer using your tank as many rounds as possible. Mazes will change from round to round. some of them will be large and some will be small. Test your shooting, driving and avoiding skills in this fun shooting game. Compete with your friends and prove who is the best tank destroyer! If you are at school and you are searching for the game that you can play with or against your classmate or if you are at work search for the game to compete with your fellow worker than Tank Trouble is perfect choice of a game for you that is also addicting in a fun way.

Tank trouble AZ V4 maze shooting
Tank Trouble maze where the winner is the last standing, fight between, blue, red and green tank

How To play Tank Trouble Game

The rules of this tank unblocked shooting game are simple. Choose the number of players you wish to play, you can choose to play against the compute, or against your friend or friends. Maximum number of players are 3 (playing online you can play against huge number of players depending of a maze). Each tank have their certain color, blue, red and green in order to to distinguish from one another. You are not limited with time but you will need to be fast because the bullets from tanks can bounce from wall to wall which means that you need to be careful, one hit and you are out, same goes for other tanks in the game. The winner is one who survive this tanks war.

When the first round is over you will start the second one in the different maze and so on. From time to time weapons will appear on different places inside the maze, you can get invisible mines that you can put on the ground for the enemy tank to step on it, or you can take Laser, Frag Bomb, Death ray, RC Missile, Gatling Gun, Homing Missile (that tracks enemy tank) or Booby traps. Each weapon is special and can destroy your opponent in an instant but be careful not to destroy yourself. You can also create the game with your own rules, for example you can choose which weapons you want to have in the game by switching them on or off in the menu.

You can also create your own maze, choose another person maze or just have the regular ones, the choice is yours. If necessary you can adjust fair mouse control and smooth collisions. This online shooting game is giving you the chance to choose how do you want to play by creating your own rules which makes this game much better and more fun to play. If you take the laser for example, it’s gonna show you the path of your bullet that can help you a lot in order to destroy the opponent tank and win the round.

Remember to take the weapon each time you see it in the maze because you can get huge advantage with it. Don’t forget that maze have dead ends which means if you get trapped, enemy will use that to destroy you, also keep an eye on your enemies if they trap themselves, use that chance to destroy them. Use bouncing as a tactic, predict where the bullet will go and shoot.

Tank trouble controls for players
Controls for all 3 players, how to move and shoot

Final Words For Tank Trouble AZ V4 Game

Tank Trouble is perfect game for competing amongst your friends because it’s simple, addicting, challenging and in the same time really fun! Possibility to create your maze and to set your own rules is also just one thing that makes this shooting game so special. It’s also great choice of a game to kill the boredom and to forget all your problems while competing with your friends. Good reflexes and speed is the key factor for success in this Tank Trouble game because if you’re too slow you will not have great chances of winning because you have to avoid your and enemy bullets that will ricochet off walls at high speed.

If you love competition and challenging games then stop searching because this free shooting game is the exactly what you need. If you want to go hard-core with this game you can even customize your tank by choosing different color for top and bottom part your tank. Play online battles against the players from all around the world and make your personal best score! You can also unlock all kind of achievements. Playing online the amount of players can be huge!

Tank trouble customaze maze and choose weapons
Customization in the game where you can adjust the maze and which weapons to use


  • Player 1 – Use E,S,D,F to move your tank. Use Q to shoot.
  • Player 2 – Use arrow keys to move your tank. Use M to shoot.
  • Player 3 – Use your mouse to move your tank. Use left mouse button to fire.