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Animal Hunter

About the game: Animal Hunter

Animal Hunter
Animal Hunter Game

Did you ever think about how did archers hunt for they prey? In this hunting game that is exactly your task. You will find yourself in the deep forest surrounded by all kind of animals and birds that will fly around you and your task will be to shoot them, to hunt them. You will be limited with time which means that you don’t have time to waste, each animal or bird that you shoot with your bow and arrow they will drop energy and clock, collect the clock in order to get extra time. Your main goal is to shoot as many animals as you can in order to set the best score! You also need to aim fast and to be precise because some of these animals like eagle and ostrich are really fast and they will run away from you if you miss or if you not hit them with a deadly shoot. Test your hunting skills when it comes to bow and arrow as your main hunting weapon and hit your targets! Good luck archer and have fun playing this challenging unblocked hunting game! Instructions: Use arrow keys to move and to aim. Spacebar-Shoot.

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