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Supreme Deer Hunting

About the game: Supreme Deer Hunting

Supreme Deer Hunting
Supreme Deer Hunting

Deer hunting season is officially open! Hunters take your guns in your hands and go to great deer hunting! In this case, you are in the woods and quietly wait for your prey, animals will go slowly so you will not have trouble aiming them, so make sure that your every shot go exactly in the head, to win the largest number of points. You can win trophies in three cases, namely if you kill 100 Doe, if you kill 50 Buck or if you kill 5 Big Buck.. After each round you can upgrade your stuff. The game is addictive and very light so that the kids will love, the game is intended for all ages. We wish you great fun and even better hunting adventure! Welcome to Supreme Deer Hunting! Play other hunting games.

How to play Supreme Deer Hunting

Instructions: Press S key to change your sight, hold space to reload Use mouse to shoot.
100 Doe = Small trophies
50 Buck = Medium trophies
5 Big Buck = Big trophies
Supreme Deer hunting trophies