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Wild Boar Hunter

About the game: Wild Boar Hunter

Wild Boar Hunter Game
Wild Boar Hunter Game

You are a wild boar hunter and your task is to shoot them before they reach the other side of the screen, if more than 3 wild boars escape from your deadly bullets that will be the game over for you. Good news is that in this hunting game you don’t need to reload your hunting rifle but the bad news is, this is really challenging hunting game because the more you play and more wild boars you kill, the boars will become much faster. Most important thing in the late game will be to aim in their heads because a hit in their head will kill them on spot and if you are shooting them in the body you will need more bullets and you will lose time, precious time. So, in this addicted hunting game you need to be precise and shoot the wild boars in the head before they reach the other side. Prove how good hunter you are and feed those wild boars with your powerful bullets from your hunting rifle and make the best score! Play this hunting game with your friends and compete with each other on who can kill the most wild boars! Good luck! Instructions: Use mouse to shoot.

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