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Bait And Switch

About the game: Bait And Switch

Bait and switch
Bait and switch game

In this challenging Bait and Switch Fishing game you need to help the worm to defend himself from the fishes that will try to eat him. fisherman put the worm for his bait on the hook but he didn’t realise that this worm will not surrender so easily. Your main goal is to shoot all fishes that will be around you trying you eat you. On the start of the game as your weapon you will have a simple gun that you can use to defend yourself from fishes and later during the game from money that you earn killing fishes you will be able to upgrade your weapon or to buy a new one, more powerful and more deadly for your enemies, the fishes! You can upgrade the damage of your weapon, the amount of ammo for your weapon and the reloading speed which is important because some fish will be really fast and you need to react fast. You also have a special ability that you can use when you found yourself surrounded by fishes and that is freeze, when you freeze fishes you can shoot them one by one. Some fishes will have a bomb attached on themselves which means if they come too close to you they will explode and they will hurt you big time. Defend this worm, shoot anything that approaches you with your powerful weapons! Later in the game you will also be able to buy new and more powerful skills and perks but remember to use them wisely! Every next level will be more excited with new enemies and new background like a huge whale swimming next to you but also the fish that will attack you will be harder to kill. Be as precise as possible and blow this fishe, don’t let them eat you, feed them with bullets! Instructions: Use spacebar or mouse to hook up. Z-Freeze

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