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Hooked Monster

About the game: Hooked Monster

Hooked Monster - Sport Fishing
Hooked Monster – Sport Fishing

Welcome to Hooked Monster! Get your fishing rod and go fishing because a big number of fish waiting for you to catch. In the beginning, you can fish in the Amazon river then after you complete the necessary requirements, you can unlock the Mekong river and Deep sea. After you select the location where you want to fish select a bait that you want to use, some of them are live bait, lure and many others.. Enjoy catching fish in great graphics and atmosphere, relax, be patient and persistent because when the fish bites the bait, then the fight begins! We wish you lots of fun and a great catch! Hooked Monster Fishing Game is a game that will provide you with the realistic feeling of catching fish, if you like to fish play other Fishing games. Instructions: Use mouse to play To cast click mouse while quickly moving in the direction where you’d like your line to land. The faster you move the mouse the further your line will be cast. Once your line is in the water, use the mouse to control your rod. Clicking the mouse or any key on the keyboard activates the reel.

Sport fishing hooked monster
Sport Fishing – Hooked Monster

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