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Bow Master Japan

About the game: Bow Master Japan

Have you ever used a bow and arrow? Have you ever made when you was little a bow and arrow and play Indians? If you’re a fan of medieval weapons then you certainly gonna love and enjoy in this bow and arrow game! Your task in this archery game is to test your shooting skills with bow and arrow by fire at various targets which will be at different distances from you, and at different height, every hit in targets brings you points, each hit in the exact center of the target brings you bonus points, each quick hit also brings you bonus points. You are limited in time so be sure to target quickly. Every next level will be more difficult and more complicated than the previous one, which will require from you extra speed and very good reflexes, later in levels you will have moving targets, which will require from you even better skill, firing range, this game is really challenging, lot of fun, creative and exciting, everyone will like it, test you skills with the bow and arrow, and proof that you are a real bow master! Try to be as accurate as possible, draw your arrow, determine well which direction the arrow will go and hit your target, you have plenty of time but make sure that from level to level be quicker in shooting your target. You are a Japanese bow master and your task is to justify your name so that you will hit any target that is in front of you, get the best score, compete with your friends and enjoy playing this fantastic archery game! We wish you lots of fun in this exciting and challenging game! Instructions: Aim with mouse. Hold mouse to draw arrow and release to shoot.

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