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Bowmaster Target Range

About the game: Bowmaster Target Range

Test how good you are in archery, this game is one of the most popular, most played and most fun archery games, in the Bowmaster game you can test your shooting skills, accuracy and speed, this game gives you a great satisfaction when it comes to shooting and archery. This Bowmaster game you can play with four players, which means that this challenging game you can play with your friends, compete with each other and win the most points, check who is your real Bow master! The aim of this game is to become a real Bowmaster, your task is to make highest number of points with nine arrows that are available to you, each player has 9 arrows and 9 attempts to achieve the highest number of points, at the end of the game points are added together and decide who won the maximum number of points and become the Bow master! This shooting game is a very exciting, fun, challenging and excellent when playing with friends because it is therefore much more fun, bring to you the spirit of competition and the desire to win! Sharpen your arrow, drag your bow , and release right in the center! If you hit the center of the target you get highest number of points, all of which hit above or below the center you get fewer points less, but everyone make sure you do not miss the forefront target because in that case you will not win anything in that round. If you hit the bull’s-eye, a yellow box, you will win a maximum of 10 points if you hit the blue box gets 5 points, black box brings you two points, everything in between brings 9, 8 , 7 , 6 or fewer points less, so be sure to be as accurate as possible, don’t rush because you are not limited in time, pay attention to which way the wind blows and when you are absolutely sure and ready, release an arrow! We wish you great fun and good luck in this fantastic Bow Master game! Instructions: Click in the scene and drag downwards to draw the bow. Release to shoot. You can adjust it with W,A,S,D.

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