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Dear Hunter

About the game: Dear Hunter

Fans of deer hunting, welcome to another fantastic dear hunter game! Your task in this game is pretty simple, shoot as many deer as you can and win maximum points, your mission in each level will be to shoot a certain number of deer in a short period of time so that you can move to the next level, in which will require from you to shoot an even larger number of deer and so on from level to level. Every next level in bag a monster buck game will be difficult and will require more of you so be sure to quickly improve your hunting skills, speed, targeting and reflexes. Get ready your hunting rifle and head into action! Locate the deer, aim, and when you’re ready, shoot! Enjoy the realistic background of wild nature and sound effects of animals while you hunting deer. Your rifle that can shoot twice , after that you need to charge your rifle so be sure to quickly charge your weapon to fire because the deer run very fast and you have to be faster than him. The hunting game is very exciting , everyone will like it , especially the fans of hunting. You aim and shoot dears using your mouse, you reload your gun using spacebar, the further away or faster the dear, the more points you’ll get, plus, look out for the monster buck, it takes two hits but you’ll get more points. This deer hunting game are the best way to relieve stress, anxiety and problems, so you must try this fantastic games. This game is available to you 24/7 you can play them whenever you want and as much as you want, absolutely free and without registration. Sit on your chair, relax and hunt, this dear hunting game will give you a fantastic experience and satisfaction that you need. Have fun! Instructions: Use mouse to aim and fire. Spacebar-Reload. If you were looking for Hunting games, find them here.

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