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Duck Hunt

About the game: Duck Hunt

The season of duck hunting is open! Remember the classic game of the NES that was fully rebuilded. Shoot as many ducks as you can. This is remake of the most popular hunting game where you and your dog goes to hunting. Your task is to shoot down the ducks and dog will pick them up in place where they fall. More ducks you shoot, more points you will get. You will have 25 ammo that you can use to shoot down the ducks, use ammo wisely and try not to miss. Ducks will fly very fast in a different directions and you must be faster than them in order to shoot them, every bullet counts so do your best. You can play training first if you want to warm up and you can also choose a difficulty on which you want to play. Good luck and have fun in this Duck Hunt dame! Instructions: Use mouse to aim and shoot. R-Reload your hunting gun.

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