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Fishing With Floats Go Fishing

About the game: Fishing With Floats Go Fishing

Go Fishing
Go Fishing

A realistic and enjoyable fishing game. Press the cast button to get your line out there. When you see a strike, press and hold the pull button and keep moderate tension until you’ve landed your fish. Prepare your fishing rod and get on this fishing adventure! The aim of the game is to catch as many fish as you can and in that way make the best score. Click and hold “Strike” button when you see float moving. In order to see how far the fish are from you you can watch the orange triangle on the bottom ofthe screen. The green bar will show your tackle tension and in order to keep the tension bar in the safe spot you need to click and release the “Pull” button. You need to pay attention not to let the bar to go into the red field or you can lose a fish. Enjoy playing this Fishing With Floats game! Instructions: Use mouse to play.