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Hunt Penguin 2

About the game: Hunt Penguin 2

Hateful Penguins make waves again! They even dress up as Ultraman, Superman or Doraemo! Quickly take up your hunting rifle to shoot them down! The second part of this exciting and challenging game is available for you to play bow! This time, the penguins will be much more difficult to shoot because they will now fly much faster which will make it difficult for you to hunt them down. Rules of the game are the same, shoot as many penguins, save the ammo, make sure you do not miss too much, be precise and quick on the trigger. Every next level will be much more difficult than the previous one, which means that you need to give your best. You are a hunter of penguins. Prove how much good hunter you are and shoot down as many of these flying penguins as possible! In Hunt Penguin 2 you will not only hunt penguins at the North Pole you will also hunt them in the tropics and warm sunny places. Instructions: Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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