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Hunt Penguin

About the game: Hunt Penguin

New, exclusive version of the “Hunt Penguins” game. Ninja style penguins are so crafty to run out in groups. Quickly take up your hunting rifle to shoot them down! Who said penguins cannot fly? In this hunting game, they can, and you are a hunter on the flying penguins and your task is to shoot as many penguins as you can and thereby gain you a higher score. To move to the next level you need to shoot a certain number of penguins. The Penguins will fly in all directions and they will be very fast, which means that you need to quickly aim on to them and to be as precise as possible. Penguins will be in a variety of dressed as superman, pilot, and so on. You will hunt penguins at the North Pole and many other places. Prove how good Penguin hunter you are and make the best score! Instructions: Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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