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Lif Serengetty

About the game: Lif Serengetty

Will you be the hunter or the prey, the choice is up to you, this hunter’s game is one of most popular most played and most exciting hunting game ever! This is the free online hunting game that don’t requires neither registration or installation, just type in your user name that you want to have in the game and adventure in the wild Africa can begin. What actually works in this hunting game and what is your task, start the game by being either hunter or like a prey, what it means, if you enter the game as a tiger, lion or a crocodile, it means that your task is to chase prey, such as monkeys, zebras, deer, etc.. If you start the game as prey, as for example, a monkey, then your task is to successfully run away from the beast that is trying to catch you. If you are bored and want to play some challenging game then you are in the right place because this hunting game is a great choice for you is great for releasing stress and everyday problems. This is a game that you play with and against players all around the world compete with each other, take home the best score and dominate in this fantastic online hunting game. Enjoy 3D graphics and some well realized nature, the amazing sound effects of wild and domestic animals as well as the ambiance of the African wilderness.We wish you great fun and good luck! Instructions: Use mouse to play. Spacebar-Jump.

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