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Ninja Fishing

About the game: Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing Game
Ninja Fishing Game

This ninja favorite food is fish and other sea animals, that’s why this ninja is not in such a good shape. In this Ninja Fishing game you will have 20 exciting and challenging levels in front of you that you need to beat in order to win this game. Each level will bring new challenges to you because you are not just the ordinary fisherman, you are a ninja fisherman! In each level you will have 1 minute to gain certain amount of points, points you gain by catching the fishes that will swim under your fishing boat. If time runs out and you don’t have enough points, you will lose which means that you need to use your ninja speed and you need to be precise as a true ninja! With your fishing rod you can catch more than one fish or other sea animals like turtles, crabs, sharks and medusas but what you also need to do is to position your boat in the right spot after toy bring your catch to the surface, they need to fall into your fishing boat, if you miss they will fall back into the water. Each animal will bring you certain amount of points, for example big animals will bring you more points and smaller one, less points. Fish as a true ninja, try to catch more fishes and other sea creatures at once and in that way you can gain more points! Instructions: Use your mouse to move and the mouse click to fish.

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