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Thrill Of The Lake Game

About the game: Thrill Of The Lake Game

Thrill Of The Catch
Thrill Of The Catch

Are you bored, stressed out, you come home tired from work or school and want to relax with some creative fishing games? Then you are at right place because this is one of the most played and most realistic fishing game ever! Your task is simple, catch as many fish as you can, but it will not be an easy task to catch a fish, you first need to select the appropriate bait for the fish you want to catch, then you choose where you want to fish and be very careful and patient and at the same time that you notice when fish bite on the time and then you drag it toward you. This fishing game is one of the most challenging and most fun games, great for stress relief and to kill boredom, just sit in your chair and fish for free without registration or installation.

Don’t forget, when fish catch bait start clicking fast on the reel, keep on clicking fast until the meter on reel starts moving, when come in green area you can catch a fish. You can recycle the piece of trash if you see floating in the water, just click on it to add to your recycling bin. Your reel will be cast automatically with bait as default. Just select the tackle box in the lower right to choose your bait. When you catch a fish they will be added in your catches bucket where you can see all about your fish, all information. You can change area by selecting a map in the lower right. Later in the game you can unlock a new boats for your fishing adventures, you can unlock, Jon Boat, Speed Boat and Sportfishing Yacht! You can feed your fish you can even create your own fish! Select the place where you want to catch a fish and you can start this adventure. Have fun! Instructions: Use mouse to play.

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