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Abutu The Hunter Online Game

About the game: Abutu The Hunter Online Game

Abutu The Hunter
Abutu The Hunter

You are an African hunter and your task is to shoot as many birds as you can to feed your African tribe. The objective of the game is simple, get a gun in your hand and as soon as the bird trips to view took aim and shoot, in this game it is important to have good reflexes and to be quick on the trigger and do not forget from time to time to fill your gun because ammo will quickly disappear and try to less miss the birds.Each level will require you to shoot a certain number of a certain type of bird in order to move into next level, all of which you shoot over give you bonus points, so be sure to be as precise as possible and as fast as possible. You are limited in time so be sure that every shot is hit. Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of Africa, sound effects of nature and animals around you as well as the excellent animation and graphics that gives this great hunting game. Try to shoot as many birds, prove that you are a true African hunter, test your hunting skills, reflexes and dominate in this hunting game.This game is totally free online games that you can play right away without registering or installing, it’s great to release stress and everyday problems. Hunting enthusiasts will surely love this hunting game.Every next level will be more difficult and more complicated than the previous one, which is normal, and you will be required to shoot larger and larger number of birds in order to move to the next level. Enjoy the African nature and the animal kingdom in the background while you hunting birds, make the best score and have fun playing! Instructions: Spacebar-Reload P-Pause M-Mute

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