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Duck Hunting

About the game: Duck Hunting

Duck Huntin Game
Duck Huntin Game

Each level that you complete means that you have to shoot more ducks to keep playing. See how many ducks you can shoot. Shoot as many ducks as you can. The ducks will be flying from all sides of your screen and they will fly very fast and your task is to shoot them while they are flying using your hunting shotgun. Note that you have two shots per round in your hunting rifle which means that you will have to charge it after that and you have to be as precise as possible in order to shoot as many ducks and thus achieve the highest score. In order to move into the next level you will first need to shoot certain amount of ducks. You will mainly hunt Ducks in the forests. Prove how much a good hunter of ducks you are and enjoy playing this exciting and challenging Duck Hunting game! Instructions: Use mouse to shoot and reload.